A Residential and Commercial Cleaner Offering Superb Quality of Service

Clean Deeds is a company that has many years of experience as an industry leading house cleaner in Olympia, WA. We are fully licensed to perform our work in the area for both residential and commercial purposes that require skills of a knowledgeable specialist working with quality equipment and products. Rest assured that all our services are available at competitive rates, so do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about what we do!

Residential cleaning – we approach the cleaning of clients’ homes with maximum care and attention to the smallest details. We treat their property with respect and make sure that only the premium products are used during the process so that we can guarantee safe cleaning and immaculate results. Our workmanship is meticulous and our motivation is to become the company that all of the clients in town prefer working with when it comes to the maintenance of their homes.

Commercial cleaning – if you own a business that needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis in order to meet the standards and needs of your clients and employees, you will definitely benefit from our professional approach and cutting-edge services. We aim to achieve world class performance when it comes to maintaining commercial buildings. We save you time and effort, by doing our job in a well-coordinated manner in order to meet even the highest expectations of our customers.

Clean Deeds has been the trusted residential and commercial cleaner of both business and homeowners throughout town for many years. You can rest assured that our team has all the knowledge and skills to ensure a top- notch service, and each of the experts there is a fully-trained and licensed residential cleaner.

Get in touch with us today for a first class service at (360) 350-6336!